Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Spring is in the air, and the Atherton clan is getting sporty.  Last weekend, we enjoyed " ' nastics" at Asha's birthday party.  We enjoyed it so much that all three kids will soon be taking lessons.  This weekend, Louise will go ice skating at another friend's party.  The following weekend, Louise has her first t-ball lesson.  We got a glove recently, and she is pretty excited.  Her coach asked us to evaluate her skills, and to let him know if she is afraid of the ball.  She thought that was one of the world's funniest questions.  We then asked if she fears anything.  "Just bad snakes - the ones that have fangs, like rattlesnakes."  Ms. Meg would be very disappointed in her, but Mummy thinks it's reasonable to fear things that can actually harm a person.

Claire was so taken with the "flying" she did at Asha's party that on Sunday, she donned a mask (Louise's 3D glasses) and declared herself to be a superhero.  She's Claire, so she didn't say what her superpowers were, but they seemed to involve running around whilst flapping her arms, and making interesting faces.

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