Monday, February 20, 2012


Louise not only did not cry after the three shots she had today - she looked whilst the second two were administered.  (We could be alarmed at our child's high pain threshold, but we're choosing to be proud instead).  Her vision and hearing were fine, and the ped isn't alarmed about her BMI ("she's a strong kid, and athletes tend to be at the high end of the BMI").  He might've been impressed by her arithmetic ("two plus three is five; five plus one is six..."), or concerned about the fact that she was talking about numbers when he was trying to explain the vaccinations - he made no real comment about either.

Her 5 year vitals: weight 48.8 lbs (3.5 stone, or 90th percentile); height 44.75" (90th percentile)

Louise and Charlotte enjoyed the dusting of snow we had last night (Charlotte: "It's Christmas!").  (Claire may have enjoyed it - she removed her finger from her mouth and didn't ask to be carried whilst outside).

Charlotte & Claire napped together for the first time yesterday.  When Mummy checked on them after two hours, they were in the same bed.  Charlotte stirred, and gently patted Claire's hand.

All the kids enjoyed Louise's third party at Pump-it-Up.  They played HARD.



Louise claimed she didn't enjoy the experience because her cake was not served (everyone was full from Katie's ice cream cake).  We're hoping she recovers from the trauma.


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