Thursday, February 21, 2013

Blast from the past - videos taken in August 2010


Louise had her 6 year old well child visit yesterday and is now 3' 11.5" (87% percentile) and 53 lb 12.8 oz (87% percentile).

Below is a photo of the pet fish Louise received for her birthday last weekend. She had wanted a pet and we agreed on a fish. He is named "Goldie". He seems to be doing well, having survived 5 days so far!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Birthday number 2

The party continued on Sunday, as the whole family traveled to Raleigh for Katie's party at Pump It Up.  Louise loved seeing Katie two days in a row, and Charlotte adored everything about the party.

Monday was Presidents' Day, and Louise had her first experience of camp at the Museum of Life & Science - it was apparently fun, but exhausting.  On the way back home, she and her sisters had a lively discussion about presidents.  They came to the startling conclusion that presidents do not go to church.  Their evidence?  They have been to church, and they've never seen a president there.

Happy Birthday part 1

Louise's sixth birthday began with snow.  She opened some wonderful presents - books, craft projects, Littlest Pet Shop figures, and the world's largest stuffed giraffe - and helped Mommy decorate her dolphin cake and cupcakes.  Louise & her friends (and their drivers) traveled through the snow to her party at the Scrap Exchange, where they created undersea creatures out of discarded household and industrial waste (as well as goggles, cameras, windchimes, and whatever else took their fancy).

Friday, February 8, 2013

Dance and music

Everybody in our house loves a dance party.  Charlotte and Louise also profess to love "exercise", and Claire wants to go to "ninja classes."

We learned today that Claire will get to indulge her love of drama - she has a speaking role in the Easter production at daycare.

Louise is very excited about her birthday.  She has begun making bead bracelets for all the girls and teachers in her class, to hand out on Friday.  (She'll give the boys "something boyish.")  Charlotte and Claire are also excited about Louise's birthday.  Charlotte announced at dinner, "Louise, I'm going to get you a present...but I won't tell you what it is!"  She has, however, declared to Daddy and Claire "I'm going to get a Buzz Lightyear!"  "For Louise?" Claire asked.  Claire plans to get a cape "for Louise."