Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Birthday, Charlotte & Claire (part 2)

Grandparents and sisters were very generous with gifts.  The music factory love their "monster feet" (video below), skateboard, gardening tools, balls, dinosaurs, books, puzzle, bubble flashlights, and clothes...and Claire apparently plans to spend the rest of her life wearing knee and elbow pads (ready for anything that comes).  They had a birthday feast at Elmo's yesterday, and they'll celebrate with friends at Gold Park (weather permitting) on Sunday.

C&C did well at the paediatrician's office this morning.  Both are 37.75" tall (66th percentile).  Claire weighs 38 lbs (94th percentile), and Charlotte is 34.2 lbs (80th percentile).  Dr. G wasn't concerned about Claire's hearing, speech, or weight.  She did worry a bit about Claire's reluctance to have her eyes examined, however.  She thought it might be a sign of vision problems; Mummy thinks it's a sign that Claire is Claire (stubborn, three years old).  Mummy and Daddy had great fun helping C&C obtain urine samples (50% success rate).  Claire will have eyes examined and urine sampled in three months' time to follow up.


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