Sunday, August 22, 2010

Katie knows best...

Today was a special treat - we all went to see Katie's new house, meet her great uncle, see her dogs, and play in her neighbourhood's fancy pool (complete with waterslide!). Before the visit, Louise told us, "I'll do what Katie says, because Katie knows what is best for me."

Louise and Charlotte loved playing in the pool. Charlotte particularly enjoyed testing Mummy's cardiovascular health by plunging face-first into the pool and making no effort to resurface (or showing any discernible discomfort when hauled back out of the water). Claire loved seeing the dogs, but in a chill, low-key Claire sort of way that the dogs responded well to. No idea where she gets that from! Foolishly, Mummy & Daddy left the camera in the car - you'll have to imagine the fun that was had by all.

This afternoon, while Daddy was troubleshooting computer difficulties with the webcamera, Louise mentioned that something wasn't " 'ficient." "Efficient or sufficient?" asked Mummy. Louise looked exasperated at such a silly question. "F-ficient, Mommy. Starts with an 'F'!"

Monday, August 16, 2010

Trippin' toddlers

The music factory loves to dance. C&C have the same dance style, and each one will smile if she sees her sister doing their signature "grin & bop up and down" move. They also enjoy giving each other "kisses" (rubbing heads together).

Claire is becoming rather adventurous with food. She tried Mummy's garlic hummus yesterday, and she'll eat a meal full of "proper" food if she thinks that's all that's on offer. Charlotte, on the other hand, disdains poor slobs who have to feed themselves. Princess Charlotte will turn up her nose at anything that isn't on a spoon which is held by someone else. (Unless it's bread, animal crackers, or rocks, building materials, or anything else that can be found on the road).

Charlotte does not lag behind in all areas, however. She has more recognizable words and is frighteningly adept at climbing. Both girls are obsessed with bikes & strollers.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Louise loves her friend Katie. She was expressing her desire for Katie to come over for a sleepover. "Katie would stay in my room," she insisted. Would you sleep? Daddy asked. "No. I just talk, not sleep." She is solicitous of Katie's needs. "When we go to the Museum with Katie, if she want to be alone, I will stay with her so she won't get lonely."

To all three girls' delight, Katie came over today, along with her former day-care companion, Renee. When Louise & Katie posed for pictures, Louise helpfully said "cheese!" twice - once for each girl. As Louise was helping Katie get settled into the car for the ride home, she asked gently, "What you want, Katie?" Katie, showing self-awareness far beyond her years, replied: "I want a lot of things."

Louise shows a fair bit of awareness of the world around her. This morning, Mummy commented that a song on the radio was "old". Louise asked sweetly, "You are old, Mommy, right?"

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Daddy's Birthday

Daddy celebrated his birthday earlier this week. His parents gave him massages (& a water pik). His daughters gave him a card, chocolate, pain killer, and earplugs.

This weekend we spent a lot of time at the Museum of Life & Science. Everyone enjoyed dancing in the sound exhibit. Charlotte surprised and delighted Mummy by picking up a ball and saying "ball." She and Claire seem to be making strides lately in their comprehension, particularly in matters relating to food. Claire is also lulling Mummy into a false sense of security by showing her proficiency at going down stairs foot-first and backwards.

At home, Louise found a toy that she'd broken. "It's okay - it doesn't matter, Mummy," she said, sounding like a miniature version of her Daddy. She also made some delicious double chocolate chip cookies (with a little help).

Sunday, August 1, 2010

TEA & crumpets

The T.E.A. ("taxed enough already?") party has a new, rather young member. Louise was handing out toy envelopes this week. "What tax credit you want, Mummy?"

At bedtime this week, Louise touched Daddy's face. "When I grow up, I want hair on my face like you, Daddy. And my chest." Many things are now possible with science, after all, but she may change her mind in a few years...