Sunday, April 28, 2013

One with the Force, we are

"We need money, 'cuz we're four," Charlotte announced on the way to school Friday.  Where do you think money comes from, Mummy asked.  "The piggybank."

Claire is also quite the funny girl.  Daddy's back hurt this morning, and Mummy quipped, Daddy's getting old!  "Are you going to turn into Yoda?" Claire asked.

We're having a fun and busy weekend.  Louise took ballet class yesterday, and Charlotte & Claire went to the TriangleMommies birthday party, where they bowled, got balloon animals, had their faces painted, and generally ran around.  This morning, Louise & Charlotte made breakfast for everyone.

Monday, April 22, 2013

So you had a bad day...

Charlotte has had a rough fortnight.  Two weeks ago, she slipped in the shower.  Mummy thought, "oh, she's crying a lot, but that's Charlotte-ish," so we put her to bed.  When she woke screaming the next morning, Daddy took her to three physicians, who eventually concluded that she had fractured her collarbone.  Two days later, Mummy left town.

This past weekend, Charlotte was again grumpy.  This time, the culprit was strep throat.  Fortunately, the recovery time is much shorter for strep.  Today, Mummy again left town.  We're a bit apprehensive about what will happen to Charlotte before Mummy's next work trip.

Claire is less likely to get injured.  This weekend, she announced to Mummy after a whole hour outside on a 60F, sunny day, "I've been working hard outside for a long time.  I need to go inside now" (to watch tv or work on lego, presumably).

The following video shows the girls singing, "Jesus will take the chicken out of you, bwawk bwawk."  Might explain why Charlotte has wanted to stick to beef, pork, or meatless options lately.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

New skills

The training wheels came off Charlotte's bike today.  Unfortunately, Louise is ill, so we asked Charlotte to tell Louise about the new skill she'd learned today.

"Not saying 'butthead'!" Charlotte declared proudly.

Charlotte earlier in the day had said whilst we were driving to some shops that "Claire is hurting my tummy". We asked why, and she replied "because she is talking."

In other news, Louise bought a second fish today, because Goldie her first fish seemed lonely. The new fish is going under the temporary name of "torpedo" and is a grey/white tetra.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

So big

Easter celebrations continued on Sunday with Ellen and Thomas's 2nd birthday party.  At least, we celebrated - Ellen, Thomas, and Luke were quarantined on their back porch because of a stomach bug.

Today, Charlotte and Claire had their 4 year-old well-child visits.  Their growth continues to track as before, around the 75th percentile.  The vital stats:

Claire - 3'5.13", 43lb 3.2 oz
Charlotte - 3'5", 39 lb 3.2 oz

(that 0.13" makes all the difference).