Friday, August 31, 2012

To boldly go, where innumerable children have gone before...

The first day on the bus was a success.  All the Kindergarteners from our street boldly boarded the bus on Wednesday, without a tear in sight.  Thursday and Friday were a little bumpier for Louise, who is frustrated that she can't read yet (!), and that she was picked up from after school FIVE MINUTES after Alex.

 Louise with Alex, Sammy, Owen and Lily who all live on our street.

 Friday was yellow day and C&C wanted to see Louise get on the bus for the first time :

Claire and Charlotte's daycare was closed today, and they enjoyed a trip to the Museum of Life & Science with Mummy and Daddy. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten!

6:30am: Good morning, Kindergartener!  "Go away."

6:40am: Good morning, Louise.  Time to get up.  "Go away."

6:50am: Good morning, Louise.  Put your clothes on and come downstairs.  "I want Mommy."

6:55am: Louise, you'll be late for Kindergarten.  "I'm scared!  I don't want to go.  There will be new people, and a new class, and...I'm scared."

7:00am: "I'm a big girl.  I can do this."  Dressed, cheered  by the prospect of an egg for breakfast.

7:15am: Terrified again:

7:35: in her classroom, slightly happier:

3:30pm: Pick-up.  Big smiles.  "We didn't do much art, but we did make a Kissing Hand - see?  And I made some new friends.  There was one boy I was friends with, but then he was kinda annoying.  I saw Alex at lunchtime, and we ran around the oval together at recess.  I also made another friend in the cafeteria.  Mommy made too much lunch for me - see?  ...I want to go back!"

Saturday, August 25, 2012

One door closes...

On Thursday, Louise, Mummy, and Daddy attended an Open House at Cameron Park Elementary.  Louise coloured whilst Mummy & Daddy filled out forms and listened to a presentation by Mrs. Curran.  Louise apparently listened too - the next day at daycare, she told her teachers she would "have fun every day," "make lots of new friends," and "do lots of finger painting."

For her last day of preschool, Louise brought popsicles to share with her friends, as well as small gifts for everyone.  Her sisters also joined in the fun (and enjoyed the thrill of sugar AND a room full of unfamiliar toys).

To round off the evening, we went to the museum of life & science to ride the train, gawk at butterflies, and eat dinner.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Three little monkeys...

Countdown: one week until Louise starts school.  To get ready, she (and her sisters) got haircuts on Saturday after gymnastics.  After briefly flirting with the idea of going to after school where C&C attend daycare, Louise decided she preferred to be with Alex (the boy next door), so she'll be staying at Cameron Park until Mummy or Daddy pick her up after work.

On Sunday, the girls all got to do gymnastics again - another neighbour (Ella) had a birthday party at Bull City Gymnastics.  It was a great opportunity to get some wiggles out on a rainy day.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tooth fairy

Louise's first tooth came out on Friday.  The second tooth followed quickly.  She wanted to hold on to them for a while, though.  Tonight, however, she's ready to put them under her pillow.  This morning she muttered, "I'm bigger than she is" (the tooth fairy).  We'll see who prevails... 

Louise is also less than two weeks from Kindergarten.  She'll be a Curran Cardinal.

The hip-hop twins got into an argument yesterday.  "I have a big ol butt!" /  "No, I have a big ol' butt!" 

Claire, perhaps inspired both by the Olympics and her current obsession with superheroes, now wishes to be called Bolt.  Charlotte wishes to be called "Charlotte."

Friday, August 3, 2012

Mono a Manna

At bedtime last night, Charlotte made a request of Daddy.  "That will take money," he replied.  "We should get some," she said practically.  Where will we get it?  "From a restaurant.  We can go there and get money and special toys.  Or you could give me some. [adorable smile]"  But her acquisitive spirit is still not fully developed.  On the way to daycare, she and Claire agreed that the "brown monies" (pennies) were best.

Louise is still not feeling well.  The rapid strep test this morning was negative, but her throat was quite red, and the paediatrician believes she may have mono.  But she still wants to throw a surprise party for Daddy tomorrow at a mysterious venue near the airport.