Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back to school

Louise is really enjoying first grade so far.  She quite liked science on Monday - "we got to eat three gummy worms!"  (We're not entirely certain what the hypothesis was, or which methods were used).  She also seems to like the level of structure - "every day, we have science after math and before we get on the bus."  She still plays with her Kindergarten friend Payton on the playground, but she likes the kids in her class and at afterschool.

Summertime bugs continue to prey on the Atherton family (NC branch).  Charlotte has had a cough and fever for two days, but remains perky and likes being home with Mummy:

Sunday, August 4, 2013

You say it's your birthday...

It's my birthday too, yeah!  At least, our family present to Daddy for his 39th birthday was...Lego!  We did have a great time this evening building things together.

The music factory also enjoyed some time at the playground whilst L was at dance class.

Focusing for a whole 30 minutes has proven too much for C&C, but L is doing well with swim lessons: