Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summertime fun

In keeping with American tradition, this Memorial Day weekend we went to the pool, shopped, and made passing reference to the troops (because Louise wanted to know the reason for the holiday). We also enjoyed ice cream at Maple View Farm, where they were celebrating the occasion with a balloon artist and a book sale. Charlotte also got a haircut - being able to see is so trendy this summer!

C&C had their first day at Bright Horizons today. Claire did not immediately approve of her new surroundings, and spent a fair bit of time demanding that Daddy reappear and take her home. Charlotte enjoyed the water table and the bikes, but she will probably also need a few days to adjust. Both girls were very happy when they saw Big Sister on the playground, and Big Sister was very proud to hug and take care of "her babies."

Friday, May 27, 2011


Pop, Granny, and the five Athertons went to Williamsburg this week. During the journey up, we stopped to eat lunch. Next door, a vendor was displaying new and used golf carts for sale, so we decided to get some wiggles out and hone climbing skills. "Are you ready to go on vacation?" Granny asked Charlotte. " 'Cation!!" Charlotte cheered.

We enjoyed the seals, turtles, and other sea creatures at the Virginia Aquarium, though Daddy was disappointed that the sharks were much smaller than the ones he, Louise, and Pop saw in the IMAX film about the Great Barrier Reef.

Charlotte & Claire also enjoyed the novelty of sleeping outside a crib. Shortly thereafter, Claire discovered she could turn a door knob and open the door of her room - a great game was enjoyed by one.

Today, the two year olds took Pop, Granny, and Daddy to the local pool. The kids were initially apprehensive, but once the balls and other toys came out, the water looked much more appealing.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


It is a summer of visitors. Eric & Mary (Pops & Grammy) stayed at our house this weekend. We had lots of fun picking strawberries and watching the baby goat at the farm, going for a walk at Ayr Mount, having a snack (or two) at Weaver Street Market, going to the playground, and checking out books from the library.

We're looking forward to the arrival of Geoff & Sue (Pop & Granny) on Wednesday. We will all be going to Williamsburg, VA next week. Sleeping arrangements in the four bedroom house we're renting have proven somewhat controversial. "It's not fair!" shouted Louise. "Charlotte & Claire get to share a room, and I have to be by myself!" We've tentatively proposed that Louise share a room with Claire; hopefully Charlotte will not object to the inequity of privacy.

When she is not fighting injustice, Louise has continued to collect and house small creatures - snails, centipedes, and caterpillars. She is also enjoying teaching her sisters colors, numbers, and various other "facts", and she often tries to be accommodating ("Charlotte can just put them [game pieces] anywhere, 'cuz she don't understand the rules.")

Charlotte & Claire have a new favorite toy: the potty. Charlotte has even managed to pee in it once. Both believe that they no longer need diapers; Mummy & Daddy disagree.

Monday, May 9, 2011


Daddy was pretending to be a lion this evening. Louise swept in with the netting she'd taken from the back of the Subaru to capture the lion. "Brave girl!" exclaimed Mummy. "And clever," Louise added modestly.

We celebrated Mother's Day yesterday. Mummy was missing her Mummy, but everyone helped make it a wonderful day. Louise was very excited and proud to give Mummy a pot of flowers. She also made frequent reference to the occasion throughout the day. For a special treat, we went shopping at Target. Louise then announced, "It's Mother's Day, so Mommy should get to do lots of exciting things. Mommy, YOU push the trolley, since it's Mother's Day!"

Here are the school photos for Charlotte & Claire - Louise's will follow later.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Louise and Katie are enthralled by Mickey's Clubhouse. (Mummy & Daddy, however, are quite pleased that Louise spends car journeys listening to the Magic Treehouse, rather than watching
animated cartoons with irritating voices).

Louise and her sisters sometimes enjoy playing together. Charlotte is sitting on her big sister's lap as a "reward for good behaviour."

Louise's new haircut: