Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy birthday, Charlotte and Claire! (part 1)

Three years ago, you were so eager to see the Tar Heels win the NCAA basketball championship that you tried to push your ways into the world, feet first and seven weeks early.  You were tiny and helpless, and you needed to stay in the hospital for nine days (we feared Claire would have to stay longer).  Worst of all, there was no big screen TV in the Special Care unit, so you didn't get to see the final anyway.

Now look at you!  You race around on scooters and balance bikes.  You drink out of cups without lids, you are both potty trained, and you are very loving to one another, your Big Sister, Mummy, and Daddy.  This morning in the car, you serenaded one another.  Charlotte reported to those of us in the front of the minivan: "Claire singing, 'two little boys have a little master.' " (Alt version: "Baa Baa Black Sheep").   Charlotte then sang the ABC song: "A, B, C...M, O, O, P..."  Finally, you did a duet - an extended version of "Happy birthday."

Charlotte: you speak beautifully.  You have a dirty, delightful laugh.  Causality eludes you ("I made a mess because I made a mess"), but you are curious and often ready to share.

Claire: you recently started saying, "I love you, Mommy" randomly and without prompting.  You love books, as you've always done.  You have a mischievous grin and continually surprise us.

Happy birthday!

 This year, we're walking for the March of Dimes, a charity that working to address the problem of premature birth.  Please feel free to support us!

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