Sunday, February 27, 2011

Summer in February

We've had a wonderful weekend, and we've spent most of it outside, thanks to unseasonably warm weather. Here are some pictures from our visit to the Museum of Life & Science this afternoon:

Charlotte & Claire also attended their classmate Calvin's second birthday party this weekend. Claire took a while to warm up to the crowd (10 young children, a half-dozen school-aged children, and a large number of adults). Charlotte, however, loved the opportunity to strut her stuff when a lady arrived to give a "Salsa Tots" session ( Charlotte & Claire both loved playing with Calvin's toys and were quite reluctant to go home.

Louise also had her Well Child check-up shortly after her birthday. Her vision and hearing is fine, and her height (42 in) brings her back to the 90th percentile. Her weight (42 lbs) remains at the 90th percentile. Dr. Greene was very impressed that she can already ride a two-wheeled bicycle.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday, Louise!!

Our irrepressible, effervescent little girl turned 4 today, and she was rather excited to have a birthday. She received some great presents from generous grandparents: a trip to the circus & a baby doll with stroller from Nana and Granddad; a large number of Thomas trains from Pop & Granny and Katie; and a Charlotte's Web video from Daddy & Mummy. Perhaps most exciting of all: from Pops, Louise got a beautiful Big Girl bike with streamers...and no training wheels! After about 7 minutes, Louise was riding with a fair degree of confidence - Mummy and Daddy were so proud!

Also, despite loving grits and thinking that "pants" ("pay-yunts") is a two-syllable word, Louise showed that she is English this week. Louise complained that her left ear hurt, so Mummy took her to see the paediatrician. Louise was diagnosed with a double ear infection, and we were told that her left ear was on the verge of rupturing. So Louise displayed quite the stiff upper lip in the face of what must have been considerable pain!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ladeez and gentlemen...

Louise and Katie had a great time at the circus on Saturday. Louise's favourite act was Batman (a man with baseball bats under his coat). She also was impressed that her "hot candy" (cotton candy) came with the lovely yellow hat seen below.

Louise was also very sweet to Mummy this weekend. "Mummy, you're so're even more beautiful than Katie!"

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Louise is watching...

Louise seems to have installed a camera in Mommy's office. This weekend, she was playing in the car with Charlotte.

"I'm driving Charlotte to work, and then I'm going to work."

Really? What kind of work does Charlotte do?

"She sends me emails and calls me on the phone."

And what do you do?

"Phone Charlotte and send her emails!"

She went
on to talk about taking Charlotte to her second job. Apparently the kid has three jobs - she's doing her bit for the unemployment figures.


Louise has also moved beyond believing everything she reads (or has read to her, to be accurate). According to Sodor lor
e, Spencer is the Duke & Duchess of Boxford's engine. But when Daddy asked her who owns Spencer, she shot back quickly, "Barnes & Noble".


Shortly after we last blogged, Charlotte strung together her first multiword phrase. We were so proud. Sadly, it was "no! no! Go 'way!", shouted at a sister who was trying to take a rolling pin away from her.


Claire & Charlotte are ready for Glastonbury (and no, Mummy has never even met the Gallaghers):