Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One month checkup - good news

The grandparents have safely arrived from the UK and are enjoying spending time with all three girls.

Charlotte and Claire went for their one month checkup today and Charlotte is now 5lb 13oz and Claire is 6lb 1oz (gaining an amazing 21oz in 11 days). Both are doing well with just minor congestion and diaper rash.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Every one is doing well. The twins went with Alison to see a lactation consultant last Friday and they were both weighed. They had put on 9oz (Charlotte) and 11oz (Claire) in just 7 days. The nurses were impressed since 1oz a day is considered good. They should both be around 6lb by the time of their 1 month visit on Tuesday.
Guy went back to work and enjoyed the relative rest!
Yesterday Alison's cousin, Sarah and her two year old Everett came over to play. Louise and Everett played well together for the most part and did a lot of sharing - especially for toddlers!

Pop and Granny from the UK come to visit for three weeks starting tomorrow. We are all excited to see them and have them help out. The weather here is a little hotter than England (90F today)!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Three weeks old today!

Charlotte and Claire both put on at least 5oz in the past 8 days and now weigh 5lb 1oz. The nurse said 5lb was a magical weight - we will see what is so magical in the next few days! Claire has a cold and is congested, but it doesn't stop her eating. Otherwise both are doing very well. We got back next to the Doctor's for their 1 month visit/checkup in 10 days time.

Louise this afternoon goes to a playdate at Renee's house. Renee was at Louise's daycare until the end of last year. Katie will also be going since all three girls went to Bright Horizons at the same time and spent about 18 months together. We will be joined by their teacher, Miss Jennifer who still keeps in touch with her old "class".

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Quick week

The last week went quickly and things continue to go well here. Both twins are eating well and sleeping plenty (although noisily!) Below are a few photos of Claire. Both Charlotte and Claire will go to the paediatrician tomorrow for their 3 week weighing and we will find out how successful all that feeding has been.

Louise has continued to do very well with her transitions at daycare (into a new class) and at home with the twins. Following an toy we saw at Katie's house we bought Louise an inflatable cow! Louise loves it and it is her best friend (for the moment). She has, though, found out about cow tipping!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Twins - Week 2 update

Charlotte and Claire continue to do well. They had another weighing today, brought forward due to Good Friday. They both put on between 3-4oz in just 2 days. Claire is now 4lb 10oz and Charlotte is 4lb 12oz, so they are now above their birth weights.
Due to them looking very similar we have decided to "colour code" them! Charlotte will be dressed in pink and Claire in all other colours (primarily yellow and white). We did this because about 50% of the clothing we have for them is pink and we didn't want to mix them up!
The twins are sleeping in between feeds which are still every 3 hours.

Louise continues to do very well with them and is being very helpful when we feed them in her presence. She likes to pat them to sleep and asks why they sleep so much.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Charlotte and Claire are home

The twins came home yesterday afternoon, and when we picked Louise up from daycare, she was very happy to see them. She was bouncing with excitement and kept asking if they could play with her! She has tried to be helpful - patting the babies, getting cloths and other items for us, bringing "toys" to the babies. The twins are on a nominal 3 hour schedule for feeding but that didn't completely work last night :-(
This morning we saw the paediatrician. Charlotte and Claire are both doing well and are within 1oz of their birth weights (now at 4lb 9oz and 4lb 6.5oz for Charlotte & Claire respectively). All the test results so far have been good (including hearing, blood sugar). We go back on Thursday to have their weight checked again before the holiday weekend.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Homeward bound!

Charlotte and Claire are coming home today (as long as the car seat tests go well)!! Wish us all luck...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Twins - Day 9 update with photos and video!

New photos and video added below (Charlotte is on the left in all photos and the two videos are at the very bottom of this post).
Charlotte and Claire are both doing well and continuing to eat well and regulating their own temperatures (with the aid of plenty of blankets).
They will probably come home together on Tuesday. They will have the "car seat test" performed tomorrow which involves them sitting in a car seat for 45 minutes whilst their vital signs are measured. This ensures that they can safely sit in car seats which are not designed for premature babies.
We had the opportunity to bathe and feed them today.

Charlotte after her bath

Friday, April 3, 2009

Twins - Day 7 update

Alison is now home, much to Louise's delight. Both twins are doing well and they should later tonight be taken out of their temperature controlled crib and put together in a normal, open crib.

We have no definite dates for their discharge but we are hoping Charlotte will be home either Sunday or Monday. Claire will be Tuesday at the earliest.

In other news our minivan has been fully repaired after the accident and all of the car seats have been fitted in anticipation for the girls!