Saturday, July 17, 2010

Expanding police force

Charlotte is learning that life is unfair. She started walking well this week. She exerted herself and walked 45 feet from our garage to the sidewalk, and then she noticed that there is a gentle slope down from the sidewalk to the street. "Aha!" she thought. "A slide! Wheee!" So she sat at the top of the slope, bounced up and down a bit...and went nowhere.

Claire and Charlotte spend a fair bit of time fighting over toys, sippy cups, random objects, etc. But occasionally, after a long time in different rooms (10 seconds), they will smile at each other, attempt to hug...and wind up crying on the floor, but surely it's the impulse that counts.

Louise's latest Orwellian pronouncement came after we saw a car make a left turn from a right-turn-only lane. "If a policeman sees it, he will take them away and turn them into policemen!"

Sunday, July 11, 2010


We enjoyed what could have been a terribly sad weekend. After saying our farewells to the black car, we went to a shopping mall to play and have lunch.

Later, we went to the ever-popular Museum of Life & Science. Whilst Charlotte & Claire chased one another around, up, and down the slide, Louise & Mummy explored some of the Big Kid exhibits. Louise enjoyed using beads to compare the capacity of various shapes and sizes of containers. She also was fascinated by the leaf-cutter ants. We discussed what they were doing, and where they took the leaves after they went into the plastic tubing. On the way home, Louise commented that the "Mummy Ant" had to go to work in the "factory" where she would "turn leaves into food." "Daddy Ant has to go to the factory too." Where do their kids go, then? "Ant day-care."

Louise is certainly not a saint, but she continually delights us with her awareness of the needs & preferences of others. When Mummy commented at the pool that it was going to be hot & humid today, Louise said, "That's too bad. Daddy don't like hot & humid - riiiiiiiiiiiight?"

Our professional photos are available now: The password is allison. Although the temperature was roughly 1500 F that day, all three girls had recently inflicted wounds to their faces, and Claire was in a mood, the pictures turned out quite well.

Louise has new pjs:



And Louise behind the camera:


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Let them eat cake!

Happy 4th of July! Overall, we had a fantastic weekend. We went to a community park in Chapel Hill on Saturday. (Though Louise looked at their ball collection and said, "That's silly - balls don't live in cages!") It was beautifully shady and the babies enjoyed the slide, at least until Charlotte attacked the metal stairs with her eye. That afternoon, we enjoyed celebrating our neighbour Luke's first birthday with him.

Louise & Mommy went to the pool on the 4th. On the way there, we were invited to a block party on a nearby cul-de-sac. We all had a great time and were able to meet a few more neighbours. Louise bonded with Alex, who shared her love of water.

Whilst in the car this weekend, Louise looked out the window at the BMW dealership. "Some people don't have a BMW," she observed seriously. "Everyone needs one. They should go to the BMW garage." How will the poor child cope when we rejoin the have nots this weekend?!

She also looked closely at the creek in our subdivision yesterday. "There are no fish. We can have an oil spill!"

Marie Antoinette at rest:

Snack time is serious business:


Violence is not the answer, Charlotte!