Sunday, September 5, 2010


Nana & Granddad have come to visit for a month; we are enjoying their visit very much.

Charlotte has had a language explosion, in spoken and signed words, since their arrival. She can say "baby", "please", "down", "boom", and (sure to be a favorite in the coming days & years) "no". She and Claire seem to communicate with each other. Yesterday, Claire had a cup and Charlotte wanted it. Mummy told Charlotte to say "please;" to Mummy's surprise, Charlotte did so. Claire smiled and took a few steps towards Charlotte, cup held in outstretched arms...and then changed her mind with a grin and scooted away. Claire has learned the sign for "baby", but she seems uninterested in communicating beyond babbles, grunts, and gestures. (She's skipping the toddler stage and going directly to teenagerhood, we suppose). Louise is doing her best to help teach her sisters. Whilst sitting next to Claire in the car, Louise noticed that her baby sister was pointing at things. "Trees!" Louise explained helpfully. "More trees! Stop sign. Trees!" (Louise became bored fairly quickly, unsurprisingly).

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