Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mummy!

Louise donned a party frock yesterday morning, danced downstairs, sang "Happy Birthday" to Mummy, and gave her a big birthday kiss. She was very happy to proclaim to everyone she saw that it was Mummy's birthday. "Mummy is 33 today!" she told her preschool classmates.

Louise's day got even better yesterday afternoon - Daddy was the Mystery Reader! Louise giggled with delight...for nearly a minute.

After dinner, there was chocolate cake...Mummy had a perfect birthday. Sadly, today she felt every one of her thirty-seven years. A congested Charlotte decided at 3:30am that horizontal sleeping conditions were unacceptable. She was happy to sleep in Mummy's arms or a carseat in a moving vehicle driven by Daddy, but the crib met with very loud opposition.

From the mouths of babes...Louise & Mummy were discussing the upcoming neighbourhood grill party. Louise was very pleased that hot dogs were on the menu, but she added "and chicken nuggets too, right?"
No, we'll have chicken - chicken nuggets are a preschool food.
"But we don't have chicken nuggets at daycare!"
You have dinosaur nuggets, though - what meat goes into dinosaur nuggets? Dinosaur meat?
"They don't have meat. They are just nuggets. They just taste like nuggets."

And our self-aware daughter proclaimed earlier this week: "I'm a Louise, and I do what I want."

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