Sunday, August 22, 2010

Katie knows best...

Today was a special treat - we all went to see Katie's new house, meet her great uncle, see her dogs, and play in her neighbourhood's fancy pool (complete with waterslide!). Before the visit, Louise told us, "I'll do what Katie says, because Katie knows what is best for me."

Louise and Charlotte loved playing in the pool. Charlotte particularly enjoyed testing Mummy's cardiovascular health by plunging face-first into the pool and making no effort to resurface (or showing any discernible discomfort when hauled back out of the water). Claire loved seeing the dogs, but in a chill, low-key Claire sort of way that the dogs responded well to. No idea where she gets that from! Foolishly, Mummy & Daddy left the camera in the car - you'll have to imagine the fun that was had by all.

This afternoon, while Daddy was troubleshooting computer difficulties with the webcamera, Louise mentioned that something wasn't " 'ficient." "Efficient or sufficient?" asked Mummy. Louise looked exasperated at such a silly question. "F-ficient, Mommy. Starts with an 'F'!"

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