Sunday, September 26, 2010

Grandparentpalooza 2

We've had another great weekend, with not one...not two...but THREE grandparents all at once. Our neighbourhood had a block party - there was food from the grill, lots of kids to play with, and even a flat-screen tv showing a SEC (American) football game. Pops, Claire, Louise, & Mummy visited the Museum of Life & Science, where they saw bears, danced in the sound room, and generally experienced both Life and Science. But most exciting of all: Louise got a new bike! Although Louise was great on her balance bike, preschool peer pressure beat Daddy and Mommy's opposition to training wheels.

Sadly, Nana and Granddad went home to Derby today - we all will miss them, particularly Mummy, who enjoyed having someone else do all the cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, and ironing.

Neighbour Peter arranged for a mountain of mulch to be delivered to the tree island between our houses - Louise loves it and is sad that Granddad, Daddy, and Peter have been so effective at shrinking it:

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