Sunday, July 31, 2011


Louise & Claire went to see their first Real Movie in a Movie Theatre today, "Winnie the Pooh," at the invitation of our next door neighbours. Both girls behaved very well, and Claire was particularly taken by the "Tiger".

Louise is enjoying her swim lessons - she has made friends, become more comfortable floating on her back, and even doggie paddled about 10 feet with a bit of help from a flotation aid. She is much less reticent about putting her head under water and has even learned to pick up objects from the bottom of the pool. Today at the pool, she enjoyed striking fear into her parents' hearts by practicing floating - face down in the water.

But Louise was more timid about jumping off the side of the "deep" end into Mummy's arms than next door neighbour Alex, and she generally evinces a much stronger survival instinct than her sisters.

Scratch that. Her sisters do not have a survival instinct.

Our neighbourhood swimming pool does not have a "kiddie pool", and its shallow end starts at 2ft. Charlotte refused to wear any sort of flotation device (though she was eventually persuaded, with the help of peer pressure, to put a noodle under her arms). She was even more eager than Louise to put her face under water, though she had rather more trouble extracting it from the water. Claire happily waddled into the pool with her flotation aid, planted her face in the water, and started floating.

We have many faults as parents. Nevertheless, we do not have any photos of our children trying to drown themselves. The pictures below are from the Sportsplex kiddie pool:

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