Thursday, August 18, 2011

New friend

Louise confided to Mummy yesterday afternoon, "I played with Skippyjon Jones today. He's my new friend. No, he's not a cat - he's a boy. We played hide and seek - he's really good at hide-and-seek. He's better than me. He's in my class, and he's 17. Don't tell Ms. Crystal (her teacher)!" Don't tell Ms. Crystal what? "She can't see him. Only I can see him." She blushed.

Charlotte can only handle two names. A teacher at daycare calls her "Crumbs", and she'll answer to that name. This morning, she permitted us to put her hair in ponytails. With perfect objectivity, Mummy decided Charlotte was one of the cutest girls in the world. Are you spunky? Mummy asked Charlotte. "No," Charlotte replied seriously, mildly offended. "I'm Crumbs."

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