Monday, July 18, 2011

Amusement park (with teeth inspection)

Charlotte & Claire went to North Durham this morning to ride an elevator. Between rides, they played video games, looked at tropical fish, selected some new toys, and rocked on large foam ducks. In a strange interlude, they put their heads back on butterfly pillows and a couple of strangers looked at their teeth. Charlotte took this weird interruption to her play in her stride, and her dental health was judged to be excellent. Claire struggled during the double insult of having her finger removed from her mouth and her teeth inspected, polished, and prodded. The technician found a few small areas of plaque buildup near her gums, and her two front teeth are a little distorted by the constant finger-sucking. Mum & Dad were told to encourage her to only suck her finger at night, but we were also told that there is no rush and she is not causing herself permanent harm. After the dental disruption, Charlotte & Claire took their new toys (a plane and a cell phone/notebook) back to their favorite toy of all, the elevator.

Claire "Wednesday Addams" Atherton was reading a charming book about a bear who did not want to hibernate during winter, but instead played with his friends. When spring returned, the bear went back to the cave. The final image in the book is of the bear cradled in his mummy's arms, eyes closed. "What is the bear doing?" Mummy asked Claire. "Dead," was her morbid reply.

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