Saturday, July 16, 2011


Some people are proud because their four year old can read; others brag about the kid's musical genius. We're shouting from the rooftops because our four year old let her sister win a race - and was cheering her sister's "victory"!

Charlotte is also capable of showing kindness & compassion. She loves giving hugs and kisses, particularly to Claire. She is no more musical than the rest of her immediate family, but she likes "singing" often and in public. At a restaurant today, she turned around in her chair, grinned at the people behind her, and started tunelessly and loudly sharing her version of "Happy Birthday". ("Happy BIRTHDAY...YOU...Happy BIRTHDAY...You...Cake!! Candles! (Blowing) (Clapping"). Less endearing, however, is her habit of hitting her sisters then quickly saying "Sorry! [I didn't] Mean it!" (smooch).

Claire delights us with her capacity to sleep. Her finger may soon need to be removed surgically from her mouth. She visits the dentist for the first time on Monday...might be interesting.

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Carole McConnell said...

Video of the singing, please.