Monday, August 16, 2010

Trippin' toddlers

The music factory loves to dance. C&C have the same dance style, and each one will smile if she sees her sister doing their signature "grin & bop up and down" move. They also enjoy giving each other "kisses" (rubbing heads together).

Claire is becoming rather adventurous with food. She tried Mummy's garlic hummus yesterday, and she'll eat a meal full of "proper" food if she thinks that's all that's on offer. Charlotte, on the other hand, disdains poor slobs who have to feed themselves. Princess Charlotte will turn up her nose at anything that isn't on a spoon which is held by someone else. (Unless it's bread, animal crackers, or rocks, building materials, or anything else that can be found on the road).

Charlotte does not lag behind in all areas, however. She has more recognizable words and is frighteningly adept at climbing. Both girls are obsessed with bikes & strollers.

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