Saturday, August 14, 2010


Louise loves her friend Katie. She was expressing her desire for Katie to come over for a sleepover. "Katie would stay in my room," she insisted. Would you sleep? Daddy asked. "No. I just talk, not sleep." She is solicitous of Katie's needs. "When we go to the Museum with Katie, if she want to be alone, I will stay with her so she won't get lonely."

To all three girls' delight, Katie came over today, along with her former day-care companion, Renee. When Louise & Katie posed for pictures, Louise helpfully said "cheese!" twice - once for each girl. As Louise was helping Katie get settled into the car for the ride home, she asked gently, "What you want, Katie?" Katie, showing self-awareness far beyond her years, replied: "I want a lot of things."

Louise shows a fair bit of awareness of the world around her. This morning, Mummy commented that a song on the radio was "old". Louise asked sweetly, "You are old, Mommy, right?"

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