Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Let them eat cake!

Happy 4th of July! Overall, we had a fantastic weekend. We went to a community park in Chapel Hill on Saturday. (Though Louise looked at their ball collection and said, "That's silly - balls don't live in cages!") It was beautifully shady and the babies enjoyed the slide, at least until Charlotte attacked the metal stairs with her eye. That afternoon, we enjoyed celebrating our neighbour Luke's first birthday with him.

Louise & Mommy went to the pool on the 4th. On the way there, we were invited to a block party on a nearby cul-de-sac. We all had a great time and were able to meet a few more neighbours. Louise bonded with Alex, who shared her love of water.

Whilst in the car this weekend, Louise looked out the window at the BMW dealership. "Some people don't have a BMW," she observed seriously. "Everyone needs one. They should go to the BMW garage." How will the poor child cope when we rejoin the have nots this weekend?!

She also looked closely at the creek in our subdivision yesterday. "There are no fish. We can have an oil spill!"

Marie Antoinette at rest:

Snack time is serious business:


Violence is not the answer, Charlotte!


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Carole McConnell said...

Oh guy, that comment cracked me up! "Violence is not the answer." Poor Charlotte.