Sunday, July 11, 2010


We enjoyed what could have been a terribly sad weekend. After saying our farewells to the black car, we went to a shopping mall to play and have lunch.

Later, we went to the ever-popular Museum of Life & Science. Whilst Charlotte & Claire chased one another around, up, and down the slide, Louise & Mummy explored some of the Big Kid exhibits. Louise enjoyed using beads to compare the capacity of various shapes and sizes of containers. She also was fascinated by the leaf-cutter ants. We discussed what they were doing, and where they took the leaves after they went into the plastic tubing. On the way home, Louise commented that the "Mummy Ant" had to go to work in the "factory" where she would "turn leaves into food." "Daddy Ant has to go to the factory too." Where do their kids go, then? "Ant day-care."

Louise is certainly not a saint, but she continually delights us with her awareness of the needs & preferences of others. When Mummy commented at the pool that it was going to be hot & humid today, Louise said, "That's too bad. Daddy don't like hot & humid - riiiiiiiiiiiight?"

Our professional photos are available now: The password is allison. Although the temperature was roughly 1500 F that day, all three girls had recently inflicted wounds to their faces, and Claire was in a mood, the pictures turned out quite well.

Louise has new pjs:



And Louise behind the camera:


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