Saturday, July 17, 2010

Expanding police force

Charlotte is learning that life is unfair. She started walking well this week. She exerted herself and walked 45 feet from our garage to the sidewalk, and then she noticed that there is a gentle slope down from the sidewalk to the street. "Aha!" she thought. "A slide! Wheee!" So she sat at the top of the slope, bounced up and down a bit...and went nowhere.

Claire and Charlotte spend a fair bit of time fighting over toys, sippy cups, random objects, etc. But occasionally, after a long time in different rooms (10 seconds), they will smile at each other, attempt to hug...and wind up crying on the floor, but surely it's the impulse that counts.

Louise's latest Orwellian pronouncement came after we saw a car make a left turn from a right-turn-only lane. "If a policeman sees it, he will take them away and turn them into policemen!"

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