Saturday, February 4, 2012

Norma Jean at the zoo

Nana and Grandad flew all the way from Tenerife to help Daddy whilst Mummy was in Singapore last week.  Mummy who?  Between a trip to the zoo, dinner with Ms. Judy, and a busy week of work and daycare, who really noticed she was gone?

At the zoo, Louise had her Marilyn moment:

It's February, so it's time for viruses.  Mummy brought a nice one home from Singapore to share with the family.  This evening, Mummy was sitting down whilst the rest of the family "ran to the target" (ran up and down the upstairs hallway).  Charlotte: "Mummy, run!"  M: "I'm not feeling well - I'm having trouble breathing.  I'll just watch."  Charlotte: "I'll help you.  I'll hold your hand, and you'll run fast!"  More worryingly, Louise has the worst case of pink eye we've ever seen, but she's a trouper about it.

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