Monday, January 23, 2012


Louise received her birthday present early - she is the proud owner of a 20" (!!!) bicycle. Yes, she looks tiny on it, but she can ride it, and the size chart at the bicycle shop indicated that it does fit her. (Charlotte is very excited to inherit the 12" bicycle). We've also been exploring Louise's Kindergarten options...our baby is growing up.

Claire is helping Mummy understand why children's programmes often have a psychedelic feel. "I was dreaming about squirrels in my bed," she told us. "They were sleeping, and dreaming about me." Claire is also, to Mummy's chagrin, enjoying playing with ballerina/Cinderella Barbie. However, she likes to make Barbie fly, shouting "Superhero!" as she does so.

We are delighted that Nana and Grandad are coming to NC on Thursday. The following day, Mummy flies to Singapore for a three day conference.

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