Sunday, October 3, 2010


Louise & her friend Katie met Thomas this weekend at the NC transportation museum. ("He's REAL!"). Louise informed me that Thomas was "really happy" to meet Katie & her, because they're all "really good friends." It was a magical setup. There was a Thomas bouncy castle ("it's a bouncy castle, but it looks like Thomas! And it has a slide!") And there was a man with a white beard and a red cap and an apron that read "Santa". He was making lemonade in the POW-MIA concession tent.

Whilst Louise & Mummy were meeting Thomas, the music factory & daddy hung out with Ms. Meg, Louise's former preschool teacher. Charlotte broke character and held her arms out, insisting that Meg hold her. Charlotte clearly can't read yet - Meg was wearing a University of Michigan top.

Charlotte's favourite new game is to put a hand down the front of her diaper, grin, and say "Out!" ("Out" is of course the word that Mummy shouts at Charlotte whenever she sees the hand in the diaper).

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