Saturday, October 9, 2010


We visited a Corn Maze today. There were animals (a donkey, four goats, and lots of chickens), a playground, and, of course, the maze. The kids, of course, were most impressed with the animals. ("Look! The goat climbed up on its house - and it's sticking its head through the roof!")

Louise's imagination has taken off. Mummy was impressed and amused when, a few weeks ago, Louise picked out a chew toy for her "baby", the stuffed lion named Ikea, and told us about how Ikea's feelings are hurt when people think she's a boy. Today, she invented a game involving a long sheet of paper, a Welcome mat, two upside-down buckets, crawling, and hopping, and she tried to teach it to Charlotte. She also put five toothbrushes, a cup, and a small quantity of water and soap in a large plastic bear (which formerly contained enough animal crackers to feed a small North Korean village for a year). She described in great detail the needs and preferences of her "pet fish." They are all girls ("and them all female"). They eat quite a wide range of things. Music "makes them crazy" - they dance and bump into each other. The whole family was invited to pet the fish, and Charlotte was instructed to kiss fish Savannah before going to bed.

Louise's curiosity is also blossoming. She is eager to ask "what does X mean?"

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