Thursday, April 9, 2009

Twins - Week 2 update

Charlotte and Claire continue to do well. They had another weighing today, brought forward due to Good Friday. They both put on between 3-4oz in just 2 days. Claire is now 4lb 10oz and Charlotte is 4lb 12oz, so they are now above their birth weights.
Due to them looking very similar we have decided to "colour code" them! Charlotte will be dressed in pink and Claire in all other colours (primarily yellow and white). We did this because about 50% of the clothing we have for them is pink and we didn't want to mix them up!
The twins are sleeping in between feeds which are still every 3 hours.

Louise continues to do very well with them and is being very helpful when we feed them in her presence. She likes to pat them to sleep and asks why they sleep so much.

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