Sunday, April 26, 2009

Every one is doing well. The twins went with Alison to see a lactation consultant last Friday and they were both weighed. They had put on 9oz (Charlotte) and 11oz (Claire) in just 7 days. The nurses were impressed since 1oz a day is considered good. They should both be around 6lb by the time of their 1 month visit on Tuesday.
Guy went back to work and enjoyed the relative rest!
Yesterday Alison's cousin, Sarah and her two year old Everett came over to play. Louise and Everett played well together for the most part and did a lot of sharing - especially for toddlers!

Pop and Granny from the UK come to visit for three weeks starting tomorrow. We are all excited to see them and have them help out. The weather here is a little hotter than England (90F today)!

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