Saturday, April 18, 2009

Three weeks old today!

Charlotte and Claire both put on at least 5oz in the past 8 days and now weigh 5lb 1oz. The nurse said 5lb was a magical weight - we will see what is so magical in the next few days! Claire has a cold and is congested, but it doesn't stop her eating. Otherwise both are doing very well. We got back next to the Doctor's for their 1 month visit/checkup in 10 days time.

Louise this afternoon goes to a playdate at Renee's house. Renee was at Louise's daycare until the end of last year. Katie will also be going since all three girls went to Bright Horizons at the same time and spent about 18 months together. We will be joined by their teacher, Miss Jennifer who still keeps in touch with her old "class".

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