Sunday, March 29, 2009

Twins - Day 2 update

Everyone had a good nights sleep and felt the better for it. Charlotte is having some trouble keeping down the milk given to her. Claire is much more like her big sister, Louise, by drinking all the milk given and wanting more!
The two photos below are of Claire and the video is of Charlotte. Both of them are in heated controlled cribs since they cannot yet fully regulated their own temperatures. Their estimated check-out date is unknown at the moment because it depends on their weight gain.

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Courtney said...

Hopefully they will be able to come home soon! Mine were born at 35w5d weighing 4lb8oz and 5lb6oz. They were able to come home when I was discharged.

I wish you tons of luck! They are a lot of work... but the most amazing blessing!!!!!
(I am a fellow TMer. I also recommend that you join TMOTT. It has been instrumental in our survival! ;)).