Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Twins - Day 4 update

Thanks to everyone for their best wishes. Alison is doing very well and will be discharged tomorrow. She will be staying at the hospital in another room until Friday to facilitate breast feeding.
Charlotte is also doing well and has gained some weight and is breast feeding. We are unsure exactly when she will be discharged but this weekend is a possibility.
Claire has had a harder day today, with both her breathing rate and blood oxygen levels falling below the recommended limits for several 30 second "episodes". A baby is allowed one episode but if it has a second one then it has to stay for a further 7 days in hospital. So Claire will not be discharged until next Tuesday at the earliest. She is in no danger and staying longer is a precautionary step. She is also being treated for jaundice. Louise likes the big blue lamp which is used to help eliminate the jaundice - saying that Claire must be cold because it is blue!

Thanks also to everyone who voted in the names poll. We had decided upon Charlotte's name for a while but we had a short list for twin B. So on the drive into the hospital we chose from the short list of Jennifer, Claire and Alice.

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Anonymous said...

The Davis family can't wait to meet the little ones. Tell Alison I said hi & that I hope she's feeling good. Hope to see you all soon. ~Shannon