Saturday, March 7, 2009

Better news!

Louise is now fully recovered from her bout of stomach illness. No lasting effects.
Today she had her first professional haircut at "Snip-its" in Raleigh, and she overcame her dislike of hair-dryers. Being bribed with a reward (little toy) and lolly-pop probably had something to do with it!!

The minivan went back for its repair yesterday and a vent hose was reattached. Unfortunately the gas smell is back today :-( .

In other news we went from freezing, snowy conditions on Monday to the mid 70's today. Louise got out her new shorts. Two photos below - one from the start of the week where two neighbouring children, Kayla and Karissa, playe with Louise in the snow for a while. The second is from today - Louise is practising her cycling.

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