Sunday, October 27, 2013


On Friday night, Owen, Sammy, and Lily Howard came over for a sleepover.  All six kids were quite excited; Sammy apparently woke up saying "we get to have a sleepover with Louise tonight!!"  A great time was had by all on Friday evening - at one point, Sammy, Lily, and Louise were busy trimming the hair of stuffed animals. They had a lively discussion over whether they could treat, then trim, animals with fleas, or should simply turn them away at the door.  Around 9pm, the Howards wanted to collapse, whereas Louise had insomnia ("Sleep?  But I have an audience!!!").  Charlotte & Claire were delighted to be around so many big kids, but they were happy to have their own, separate sleepover in Charlotte's room.  Amy Howard was kind enough to capture this "before" moment:

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