Saturday, October 12, 2013

Field trips galore

At the end of September, we enjoyed a visit from Pops and Grammy, and even had the opportunity to clean Pops' car!

In October, with a little encouragement from Louise, Claire discovered dresses!  These are identical, reversible dresses:

Last weekend, we had a lovely meal with our beloved Ms. Judy.  That afternoon, Charlotte came up to Mommy and asked, "Mommy, can I get my whup on?" Took us a minute, but we realized she wished to put the artificial whipped topping on the chocolate pudding pie.

Yesterday, all three girls went on field trips.  Louise went to the 911 call center.  She was sweetly proud of one of her classmates, who picked up the phone in the "smoke house", called 911, and told the operator his address.  "He's really smart, and a bit quiet.  I'm not jealous, I just really like his personality!"

Charlotte & Claire had the opportunity to milk a fake cow, feed real goats, take a hay ride, enjoy a rather wet picnic lunch, and jump in the corn crib at Ganyard Farm pumpkin patch:

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