Monday, October 1, 2012

Party time

We had a busy September.  Two daycare friends had birthday parties (sugar! musical instruments! whee!).  Mummy also had a birthday.  Pops and Grammy came down for the occasion, and we celebrated with photos at Duke Gardens, brunch at Elmo's, and a beautiful cake (decorated with love by Louise and Alex).  Cameron Park Elementary also held its annual Fall Festival, with food trucks, a bouncy castle, and lots of games and goodies.  Yesterday, neighbor Neepa celebrated her birthday by pouring Mentos into bottles of Diet Coke (whoosh!).  With every new version of "Happy Birthday," Charlotte is sounding more and more like Tom Waits - we're not sure why.

Mummy got lots of great stuff at the Mothers of Multiples sale, including a Spiderman outfit for Claire.  Claire wore it for nap one day, but took it off before a trip to the library, saying "I don't want to get books on it."

There hasn't yet been a frost, so the bugs continue to bite.  Louise has a new strategy, however.  "I keep flowers near me to fool the bugs.  They bite the flowers, not me."

Claire (aka Dash Incredible) and Charlotte continue to do better at daycare, since Charlotte moved into a separate classroom.  It's made them a little closer, and the behaviour is much improved.  Louise says she dislikes Kindergarten, but her actions belie her words.  She has already had her first "report card" and is doing fine ("meeting expectations" in all areas).

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