Thursday, September 6, 2012


We enjoyed a long weekend together (3 days for Louise, 4 for the rest of us.  The Big Event was a trip to the Zoo, where they have a temporary exhibit about dinosaurs.  Overall, the fake animals (dinosaurs, carousel animals) made the biggest impression. 

Then back to reality...  Louise boarded the bus without tears today.  When we can't see her, she seems to be doing well.  She has made a couple of friends (Araya & Payton), and her face lights up when she talks about "reading time."  Her teacher told us: "She is adjusting well to our classroom routines and seems to fit in with her new friends. She played with friends on the playground at recess, volunteered information and answered questions during circle time, and never complained about anything that I can remember."

Claire has also done a bit better this week.   She earned a sticker yesterday for the first time in a while, and there were no reports of aggressive behaviour.  (Charlotte consistently earns stickers, and Mummy and Daddy continue to earn salaries with sticker-buying potential).

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