Monday, April 16, 2012

Bouncing back

Louise has strep, and she's a very sleepy girl today.  But it was a busy weekend.  On Saturday, all three girls had a trial gymnastics class.  The music factory particularly enjoyed it and now want to do gymnastics every day.

On Sunday, we had a long-overdue visit with Ms. Judy, and the kids jumped at the opportunity to help her wash her blinds.  Louise was complaining of stomach pain at this point, but she still wanted to go to her classmate's birthday party.  She was a little fragile whilst there but still had a pretty good time.  Things went downhill rapidly for her after we got home.

Today, she has been a delightful patient.  "Being sick isn't all bad, because I get to stay home with you, Mummy!" she said with a smile, before passing out on the sofa.

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