Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wild Christmas!

Louise is officially wild. She told Daddy that she and her friend Kate can be " wild as wild goats!!"

All three girls were wildly excited about Christmas. After declaring repeatedly that she hoped Santa brought her "cookies", Claire asked Mummy at bedtime, "Santa's coming?" Charlotte, who had no publicly declared wish list, showed symptoms of having watched too much West Wing in utero. "What next, Mummy? Presents?" Louise received a video email from Santa, in which he reminded her to say "please" and "thank you." "Pleasethankyoupleasethankyoupleasethankyou" was the refrain after she got the year we'll let Santa know that Louise has been asked to say those words when appropriate.

We are blessed to have generous family members and friends, who gifted all of us with toys, clothes, money, and food. We are also delighted to have warm and generous neighbours, who invited us into their home for appetisers when we were sated with gift opening.

Louise came in to Claire’s room at bedtime with some of the instruments from Rock-n-Roll Elmo. “I’m going to sing ‘The End of the World’. No, Mummy – it’s okay, it’s a lullaby.” The lyrics went something like this: “The world goes round and round and round the sun./ You think it’s going to be forever. / But then it stops./ It’s the end of the world, end of the world, end of the world./ Tambourine, tambourine, tambourine…” I think she caught the expression on my face, however, because the lyrics then switched to “But the world isn’t ending, jamboree party!”

Today we went wild at Marbles. After we returned, home we got back to nature by planting branches from a discarded Christmas tree.

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