Tuesday, May 17, 2011


It is a summer of visitors. Eric & Mary (Pops & Grammy) stayed at our house this weekend. We had lots of fun picking strawberries and watching the baby goat at the farm, going for a walk at Ayr Mount, having a snack (or two) at Weaver Street Market, going to the playground, and checking out books from the library.

We're looking forward to the arrival of Geoff & Sue (Pop & Granny) on Wednesday. We will all be going to Williamsburg, VA next week. Sleeping arrangements in the four bedroom house we're renting have proven somewhat controversial. "It's not fair!" shouted Louise. "Charlotte & Claire get to share a room, and I have to be by myself!" We've tentatively proposed that Louise share a room with Claire; hopefully Charlotte will not object to the inequity of privacy.

When she is not fighting injustice, Louise has continued to collect and house small creatures - snails, centipedes, and caterpillars. She is also enjoying teaching her sisters colors, numbers, and various other "facts", and she often tries to be accommodating ("Charlotte can just put them [game pieces] anywhere, 'cuz she don't understand the rules.")

Charlotte & Claire have a new favorite toy: the potty. Charlotte has even managed to pee in it once. Both believe that they no longer need diapers; Mummy & Daddy disagree.

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