Friday, May 27, 2011


Pop, Granny, and the five Athertons went to Williamsburg this week. During the journey up, we stopped to eat lunch. Next door, a vendor was displaying new and used golf carts for sale, so we decided to get some wiggles out and hone climbing skills. "Are you ready to go on vacation?" Granny asked Charlotte. " 'Cation!!" Charlotte cheered.

We enjoyed the seals, turtles, and other sea creatures at the Virginia Aquarium, though Daddy was disappointed that the sharks were much smaller than the ones he, Louise, and Pop saw in the IMAX film about the Great Barrier Reef.

Charlotte & Claire also enjoyed the novelty of sleeping outside a crib. Shortly thereafter, Claire discovered she could turn a door knob and open the door of her room - a great game was enjoyed by one.

Today, the two year olds took Pop, Granny, and Daddy to the local pool. The kids were initially apprehensive, but once the balls and other toys came out, the water looked much more appealing.

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