Saturday, April 30, 2011


Louise was excited to learn about being "generous" this week at daycare, as her class collected donations for tornado victims. She proudly deposited two puzzles, in case tornado victims had lost their toys. She also helped prepare cookies & brownies for a bake sale, and generously bought several bags of goodies, "because their money got blown away by the tornado."

We all had a great day today. This morning, we went to Gold Park with Katie. The police were doing a fundraiser/ PR exercise. We got to see demonstrations by K-9 units. There was also a fire engine at the park. Whilst we were there, it took off, sirens blazing, to fight a Real Life Fire - very exciting. (The firefighters were so convincing about the urgency that Daddy didn't make a snarky comment about doughnuts).

This afternoon, Louise found a caterpillar. She named it "Emma" and put it in a plastic egg with some leaves. Later, we went to a local farm to pick strawberries. Claire spent the time staring at the farmers' pregnant goat. Louise helped Mummy pick strawberries, and Charlotte helped her eat them. After we finished, Louise fed Emma a strawberry. Sadly, the strawberry juice got on Emma's legs, so Louise declared that Emma needed a bath. She moved Emma out of the sticky egg and put her in a new "exercise" egg. When Alex, the Boy-Next-Door-to-Be arrived to look at his house-in-progress, they bonded over a shared fascination with Emma (and hugged when he left). Before the day's end, Emma "went on vacation," to use a daycare euphemism, "because she eats trees." (Yes, we're baffled too).

This evening, we had a several part story about a dragon and a cow...and racecars. The story concluded: "and then nothing happened!"

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