Saturday, April 23, 2011

Curious creatures

It was a grey and cool morning, so we played indoors at the mall this morning. Whilst there, we saw a person in a cow costume advertising Chik-fil-A. Charlotte was terrified, Claire was disapproving, and Louise gave the cow a hug.

This afternoon, we went to an Egg Hunt at the toddlers' daycare. There was a petting zoo at the event. All three girls enjoyed riding the ponies. Charlotte was happy to touch the snake and the bearded dragon lizard and flitted about between the animal enclosures. Claire was very focused and deliberate. She spent half an hour staring at the chicks & ducks. She then spent 20 minutes feeding the goats, cow, & alpacas. Louise enjoyed all of the animals as well as the crafts and egg hunt.

This evening, Charlotte the snake handler was again terrified - this time by the neighbour's cat.

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