Saturday, March 26, 2011

March Madness

We had a great time today with Ms. Meg at the Museum of Life & Science. We piloted boats, watched seeds fall, climbed on dinosaurs, and looked very carefully at some weird & wonderful insects & reptiles.

Basketball has also been on our minds. Louise helped Mummy assemble the basketball hoop that Pops sent for Charlotte's birthday today, and of course we couldn't wait until Monday to try it out. Daddy was very pleased with the performance of his adoptive team (UNC) and their nemesis (and Mummy's employer), but it was a sad day for Ohio. Louise listened carefully as Mummy explained what happened to Ohio State. She nodded solemnly and said, "That's too bad. But was the other team also American?" She concluded that it will all turn out okay in the end, because an American team is bound to win the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

Finally, music has been a theme. Charlotte & Claire were riveted as Daddy played & sang nursery rhymes on a tiny electronic piano. Louise is a harder audience, however. Mummy was trying to sing her a lullaby at bedtime on Friday night. "What is that noise, Mummy?! Stop it!!"

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