Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Birthday, Charlotte & Claire!!

Happy second birthday, Charlotte & Claire! They celebrated as only two year olds do. Everyone was very generous. Pop and Granny's gift, sadly, is still somewhere between Derby and NC, but it will be treasured when it arrives. Nana & Grandad gave coasters with the girls' names on them, and brief descriptions of the characteristics associated with those names. (Louise wanted hers read again - "I'm exciting and 'venturous, Claire! I'll take you on an exciting 'venture!!"). They also gave money, which Louise directed towards a gigantic balloon, a sit-n-spin, two books, a ball (for Claire - Charlotte "already has one"), and two recorders. Pops gave the girls a basketball hoop (a source of much joy & fighting - we will organize a pool for anyone foolish enough to wager on the outcome, or canny enough to see Charlotte as the embodiment of VCU), a craft kit, a toddler laptop, and a scooter.

Here are some pics -

A scooter from Pops:

CAKE!!!! (Charlotte had been waiting for this moment since she woke up this morning).

What is it??? (Help from big sister).

All playing with the craft kit Pops got for Claire:

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