Sunday, February 27, 2011

Summer in February

We've had a wonderful weekend, and we've spent most of it outside, thanks to unseasonably warm weather. Here are some pictures from our visit to the Museum of Life & Science this afternoon:

Charlotte & Claire also attended their classmate Calvin's second birthday party this weekend. Claire took a while to warm up to the crowd (10 young children, a half-dozen school-aged children, and a large number of adults). Charlotte, however, loved the opportunity to strut her stuff when a lady arrived to give a "Salsa Tots" session ( Charlotte & Claire both loved playing with Calvin's toys and were quite reluctant to go home.

Louise also had her Well Child check-up shortly after her birthday. Her vision and hearing is fine, and her height (42 in) brings her back to the 90th percentile. Her weight (42 lbs) remains at the 90th percentile. Dr. Greene was very impressed that she can already ride a two-wheeled bicycle.

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