Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Louise is watching...

Louise seems to have installed a camera in Mommy's office. This weekend, she was playing in the car with Charlotte.

"I'm driving Charlotte to work, and then I'm going to work."

Really? What kind of work does Charlotte do?

"She sends me emails and calls me on the phone."

And what do you do?

"Phone Charlotte and send her emails!"

She went
on to talk about taking Charlotte to her second job. Apparently the kid has three jobs - she's doing her bit for the unemployment figures.


Louise has also moved beyond believing everything she reads (or has read to her, to be accurate). According to Sodor lor
e, Spencer is the Duke & Duchess of Boxford's engine. But when Daddy asked her who owns Spencer, she shot back quickly, "Barnes & Noble".


Shortly after we last blogged, Charlotte strung together her first multiword phrase. We were so proud. Sadly, it was "no! no! Go 'way!", shouted at a sister who was trying to take a rolling pin away from her.


Claire & Charlotte are ready for Glastonbury (and no, Mummy has never even met the Gallaghers):

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